Accounting & Taxation

Tax Returns, Advice & Compliance.

Tax Returns

Simple & complex individual tax returns

  • Interviewing you in order to ‘discover’ more deductions to claim.
  • Foreign income and tax residency advice; avoid double taxation.
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: investment, trading, mining or business transacting.
  • Creative professionals new to Australia, including skilled immigrants and temporary residents: we patiently explain our system and will carefully consider your overseas income, assets and long-term plans.
  • Medicare Levy exemptions.
  • Multi-year overdue tax returns.
  • Advising you of your lodgement obligations: or if not-required-to-lodge.

Investment Advice

Tax advice for home buyers & investors

  • Tax Planning for Rental Properties and Investments; Negative Gearing.
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT); maximising Cost Base savings and Main Residence exemptions.
  • GST-free going concerns – checking claims, and handling adjustments.
  • Preparing Certified Asset Registers for future CGT cost base safeguarding.
  • Capital Works Depreciation Schedules (outsourced).

Overseas Advice

Tax advice for Australians overseas & migrants

  • Consulting and lodging with you online, by video conference and secure portal, wherever you are and at flexible times.
  • Planning for changing family or business circumstances.
  • Determining your tax-residency status and lodgement obligations.
  • Avoiding double-taxation on your worldwide income.
  • Help with cross border Australian tax issues.
  • Setting up ATO registrations and patiently explaining the Australian tax system to temporary and new residents.
  • Capital Gains Tax issues for Non-Residents.
  • Referral to overseas tax preparers.


Tax & Compliance

  • Tax Returns and Financial Statements for Companies, Partnerships and Trusts.
  • Annual ASIC filing.
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS).
  • Payroll Reporting and PAYG Statements.
  • Employee entitlements and termination payments.
  • Superannuation Guarantee Charge Statements.
  • Annual Fringe Benefits Tax Returns.
  • Workers Compensation renewal applications.
  • Annual Land Tax paperwork.