Cash Grants & Assistance for Business

From JobKeeper 2.0 to cash grants for businesses. Stay up to date with what is to be expected on the latest support in September 2020 with this round up from The Knowledge Shop. 

Legislation to enact the extension of JobKeeper beyond 27 September is currently before the Senate. The legislation however is merely a framework for the rules. The detail of how JobKeeper 2.0 works in practice will require a legislative instrument to update the Rules. So we have some way to go before we see meaningful detail. As soon as the Rules are updated, we will send you an alert. 

The Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty ends on 7 September 2020. The ATO is offering to work with businesses who want to take advantage of the amnesty but because of COVID-19, cannot afford to pay their outstanding SG liability.

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